New Progress Trackers (aka Fundraising Thermometers)

08 Apr 2020 By Roger Devine

Many of our customers are converting to online events. We’re hard at work developing new features to enhance the online auction for you and for your supporters. And we rolled the first of these new features out to your site just yesterday. You now have the ability to add a progress tracker (also known as a “fundraising thermometer”) to display on your homepage, alongside your public catalog, and/or on your Give page.

Plus and Premium customers have long had the ability to set up a mobile bidding screen with a thermometer display to track paddle raises. But very few of our customers are hosting live events these days. And many of you have been asking for a thermometer / progress tracking feature to display on your site. It’s been on our wishlist for a long time, too. So we’re excited to announce that it’s here: on your site and ready to use!

You can set up your progress tracker to include a fundraising goal, and you can use it to track any of the following data points:

  • Cash donations made to one or more of your cash donation options
  • Total revenue
  • Total revenue not including sponsorship and ticket sales

The thermometer adds visual interest and real-time fundraising data to your site. If you have an admin role on your site, you’ve always had the ability to see what your event had raised to date at Admin > View Reports. Now your supporters have an easy way to see how their contributions are making a difference, and how close you are to meeting your fundraising goals.

You have a choice of displays on laptop and larger screens (a horizontal display is always used on mobile devices to conserve precious screen space). You can customize the color of the tracker and even add animation to catch people’s attention.

It’s easy to set up. Check it out on your site today at Admin > Site Settings > Customize Your Site > Progress Tracker. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Stay tuned: we’ll be rolling out more features soon, including the ability to host a live-stream virtual auction on your site. (But you don’t have to wait, you can run a Virtual Live Auction right now. Check out our free White Paper to see how.)