Lots of Exciting New Features in 2013!

24 Oct 2013 By Roger Devine

Running a school fundraiser can be a lot of work – we know; we’ve done it ourselves. We’ve also helped a lot of other fundraising teams make their auctions more successful and less stressful.

That’s why we developed our web-based software to help you plan, manage, and run your school auctions and fundraisers – live, silent or online.

Not only that, but we are constantly enhancing and improving the software based upon our own experiences… which means your experience will continue to improve as well. It’s our commitment.

Here’s a recap of some of our latest added features and enhancements.

New features and Changes to Ticket Selling Process:

After receiving many customer requests, we are pleased to have included these important features…

1. When a guest goes online to purchase tickets, they now have the option to save a credit card number that can be used on event night.

2. Advance Check in (link to video) means guests get to spend more time having fun and less time waiting in line. They also have the option to print a bid number during the advanced check-in process.

3. We’ve given our online registration process a complete overhaul, and it now works better than ever, including the ability to customize for different types of fundraisers.

Also, our recent updates allow for users to make a donation or purchase an item through the same online registration page, without purchasing a ticket.


We’ve upgraded our reports to make them more useable. We’ve also made the easy home page customization options more powerful; and we’ve beefed up our bulk editing features for items, donors and users.

Order processing and guest receipts:

We’ve added the ability to consolidate all of a guests completed orders and generate a single receipt.

We love making things easier for you and your guests, and you can count on us to continue to improve things.

With you ever step of the way,

Delila and the SchoolAuction.net team