The Dream Team: Event Chair

23 Apr 2013 By Roger Devine

Today’s post, the third in our series titled Building Your School Auction Dream Team, will outline a key position in your overall Auction Committee Organization Structure.

The Auction Chair is the event point person; therefore, selecting the right person to take over next year’s event should be your first priority as this fundraising season draws to a close.

Filling this key postion may seem daunting at first but, if you adhere to the job descriptions we’ll be posting in this series, you’ll discover how the work of the auction team is shared quite evenly and with great results.

As you plan for your succession, take time to think about whom in your school or organization has the kind of qualities that would naturally make them a good Event Chairperson.

To be effective, an Event Chair takes a big picture view of your organization and fundraising goals. This is a person who can remain connected to projected outcomes while also being fully present to the details of the moment. They understand how to delegate, and are flexible enough to allow for adjustments along the way.

Event Chair responsibilities include:

  • Recruitment, Support and oversight of all Committee Chairs and managers
  • Motivating and inspiring committee Chairs and members
  • Troubleshooting anything that comes up
  • Final decision-making power on event theme, decorations, menu and entertainment
  • Maintaining and updating all event-related documents and records
  • Calling and/or corresponding with past and present donors and supporters
  • Planning for a smooth succession by effectively mentoring and training the next “generation” of committee chairs and next year’s auction team.

Click to read some additional Tips for First Time Auction Chairs - and, stay tuned because I’ll be posting additional Auction Team Positions! Remember you’ll want to keep this series of documents in your planning notebook for future reference.

Until then,

Delila and the Team