The Dream Team: Software Lead

04 Jul 2013 By Roger Devine

This, the last post in our Dream Team series, focuses on a key role which supports the efforts of every other team member: Software Lead.

Our software is designed to help you run a successful fundraising event. We’ve taken a lot of the guesswork out of the process, built in a lot of options to customize the software for your event, and made it user-friendly.

There are choices to be made as you set things up for your event with the software. In our experience, it works best when someone takes the lead on really learning how the software works, and on making the decisions about how it will be used most effectively. This is the Software Lead.

The good news is you don’t need to be a technical geek with extensive IT experience to be an excellent Software Lead! We designed our software so that anyone who doesn’t break out in a sweat at the thought of learning how to use a new software program (or a new app for their phone) has the technical skills to be the Software Lead.

The main responsibility of the Software Lead is to manage the overall data entry process for the entire team. They won’t be entering all the data (that would be way too much work for one person!), but they will provide support and oversight for all team members who are entering data.

Software Lead is a great job for a big-picture person who can get familiar with all the software features, understand how data in one area might be used in other areas, and advise team members on how to enter data correctly into the system – from the start – to produce the right printed materials and smooth auction night transactions needed for a successful event.

A capable Software Lead will:

  • Act as point person for all data entry team members
  • Make it possible to spread the data entry work across more volunteers (since the Software Lead is paying attention to the big picture other volunteers can specialize, thus reducing training and time commitments)
  • Improve efficiency of data entry by avoiding rework (because someone has taken time to understand the entire process so data is entered only once to achieve the desired results)
  • Be invaluable on Auction Night to manage a troubleshooting station when volunteers are helping to with guest check-in and check-out

Remember, teamwork makes the magic happen. If you are naturally detail-oriented and appreciate systems thinking, or know someone like this, Software Lead might be a great fit.

View our Org Chart to see a complete listing of Auction Team leader positions.

With you all the way,

The Team