Three Big New Enhancements For All Subscribers - 11/2/2016

02 Nov 2016 By Roger Devine

Last night, we rolled out three greatly-anticipated upgrades to our software that should make your life as an auction chair easier. We’re excited about these, and want you to know about them and start using them:

  1. Combine the Advance Check-In and Online/Mobile Bidding Invitations
    You can now add a “Start Bidding” button to the Advance Check-In screen - so you don’t have to send a separate email to prompt your guests to start their online/mobile bidding activity.
  2. Invite Your Table Buyers To Enter Missing Guest Info
    This new email invitation type will include a pre-configured link to make it easy for ticket-buyers to provide critical information about the guests who will be using their tickets.
  3. Migrate Guests From a Previous Event, WITH $0 tickets
    This is one for those groups who run events with free admission, but who need their guests to have bid numbers/shopping carts.

These may seem like the kind of things that could only get an auction chair excited - but hey, if you’re reading this, that probably applies to you. So join us in being geeked out about this upgrade!